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The Poetic Webworks team makes your success our priority. Whatever your style, whatever your goals for your website, we pull out all stops to make you shine. Your website is our website. Our team is your team. A great website is a collaborative effort. Let’s work together to establish your website as the centerpiece of your marketing and promotional efforts. Get on the map. Let the world know what you have to offer. You will benefit at every turn from our finely honed skills. We are deadline oriented, with solid and well-tested work ethics. Good enough is just not good enough for us. Your website is serious business. Bring our team on board now and make your dream a reality.

JJ Deforest

JJ Deforest

creates content for our customers to support their digital marketing campaigns. Her native intelligence and extensive background as a print and broadcast journalist make her a hands-down choice for the creation of text and multimedia content for any sector. She has an uncanny ability to rapidly gather and understand complex information and fashion it into language that anyone can understand.

JJ has worked as newspaper reporter, multimedia reporter, editor, assignment editor, TV and Radio anchor and producer, and online news producer. Her ability to create content in any medium is formidable.
Her natural and trained journalistic inclination to understand the workings and requirements of companies developed even more during her years working as a stock broker for Charles Schwab and Scottrade.

Dirk Johnson

Dirk Johnson

is a website designer / developer and WordPress evangelist. He is responsible for creating the websites for our customers. He has been creating websites since 1996, starting with HTML 2, CSS 1, and JavaScript. When Adobe Flash arrived (at that time it was Macromedia Flash), he also became a Flash developer for rich content. He began working with WordPress shortly after it’s first release in 2003, when WordPress was primarily a blogging platform.

As HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and WordPress have grown, Dirk has grown with them and with other areas of technology. But websites aren’t about the technology, they’re about the content and presentation. Dirk’s background in print advertising supports his primary focus, which is to help customers achieve the best website possible within their budget.

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