Website Design Packages

We offer three basic web design packages. We also offer custom contracts and hourly rates. Please call us to discuss the solution that best fits your requirements and your budget.

Elegant Design

We build using Elegant Themes so you always look good.

Powered by WordPress

We put the power of WordPress to work for you.

Fully Responsive

All of our website designs are fully responsive.

Divi Theme
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Website Design
Plans & Pricing

Whatever your goals, we have a website design package that will help you to succeed. If you require even more than one of our design packages delivers, no problem. We are more than happy to provide you with a custom proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. In fact, if hourly work beyond your package limits reaches a total price of the next package, you will be automatically upgraded to the next package unless you prefer not to. If your package upgrades, the sum of hours used for the previous package plus hourly work will be counted toward your new package.

What if I need more of your time than my package includes?

Your options depend on which package you purchased, as shown below:


Your Package

Option 1
Upgrade Package

Option 2
Hourly Rate
Starter Website Upgrade to Professional Website $65
Professional Website Upgrade to Business Website $60
Business Website Upgrade not available, hourly only $50
What is your hourly rate?
Our standard hourly rate is $65/hr.
I already have web hosting. Can I still use your packages?
Yes. We are happy to work with you no matter who your hosting provider is. And if you want to transfer your site to our hosting, we will assist you with the transfer for free.
What happens if I already have my own theme?

If you have already purchased a theme that you prefer to use instead of one created by Elegant Themes, no problem. We will be happy to work with whatever theme you decide to use.

Adobe ad Acrobat
What if I already have an HTML website and want to move it to WordPress?
This is also not a problem. There are a couple of options. We would be happy to discuss these options with you and select the approach that best suits your requirements. The basic options are: Option 1: We re-create your site as it is now, but in WordPress. It will look the same to someone visiting your site, but you will gain the full functionality of WordPress for making updates, maintaining code, and enhancing SEO. For this option, we use a blank WordPress installation and use the CSS from your site to re-create your site in WordPress. Option 2: We begin with a fresh design to enhance the overall presentation of your content. In this case, rather than importing the site into WordPress, we bring the content from your current site into your new design, powered by WordPress.
Do you offer any solutions besides WordPress?
We offer solutions for websites coded in HTML/CSS3. If you would prefer a Drupal installation, we can help you with that, though, depending on your requirements, we would likely prefer to assist you to find an appropriate Drupal specialist. Either of these solutions is either on a straight hourly basis or on a custom package basis depending on volume.

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